Join 150+ attendees from Sports Leagues, Clubs, Teams, Right Owners, Pay TV, Telco, Broadcasters, OTT platforms and the whole media and entertainment industry to discuss the cutting-edge trends and future technology insights that will transform the global sports ecosystem.

Key topics across Sportv Series Europe & CEE 2020 agenda include:

  • Multi-platform strategies
  • Business model for D2C distribution
  • Subscriber authentication and application code protection
  • Protecting premium live sports from streaming piracy
  • Advanced detection, AI and real-time monitoring
  • Watermarking: forensic investigations and legal actions
  • Streaming versus satellite
  • Best low latency CDN strategies
  • Impact of 4K on sports streaming
  • Sports rights spending
  • Growth drivers
  • What OTT strategies?
  • Targeted advertising for sports TV and multiscreen
  • Managing premium content in a programmatic advertising era
  • Role of second screen and branded OTT app
  • Business model: Subscription, freemium, live r ad-supported
  • Secondary leagues and niche sports content
  • Cloud platforms services for new OTTs
  • Regulation limits to betting services
  • OTT gambling transaction initiatives
  • Betting companies and OTT partnerships
  • Fan engagement campaigns and social hubs
  • Live production of short videos and live streaming
  • OTT and social networks
  • AR & 3D Graphics impact
  • AR & immersive experiences
  • How & when to use AI?
  • Sports rights spending
  • Growth drivers
  • What OTT strategies?
  • What can esports bring to a traditional sports broadcaster ?
  • How to make a successful partnership?
  • Is there a room for esports OTTs or TV networks?
  • Strategies of operators in markets with lower ARPU
  • Market evolution and challenges
  • Growth drivers
  • Advertising and monetization strategies
  • Growth drivers
  • What OTT strategies?
  • How to produce a rapid & interactive replay function ?
  • How to customize and adapt content for each individual market?
  • Distribution and multi-platform strategies

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